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Scott Brown (he/him)

Oracle Inc.
Senior Cybrarian
Portland, Oregon Area

Scott is a Senior Cybrarian at Oracle Inc., where he works with teams and initiatives across the globe to make better decisions with information. He has a strong background in research and information work in high-tech settings, having previously worked at Qualcomm and Sun Microsystems in similar roles. Scott is the author of “Social Information: Gaining competitive and business advantage using social media tools” (2012, Elsevier/Chandos). He also contributed content on the role of special librarians to “Information Services Today” (Second Edition, 2018, Rowman & Littlefield). He serves as adjunct faculty with the iSchool at San Jose State University in California, and teaches regularly for other information science programs. Scott is based in Portland, Oregon, and received his library degree from San Jose State University in California in 1999. He has over 20 years of experience in library and information settings, beginning with a public library, shelving books. Scott is a regular writer and speaker on many areas of information work.

What else? Cats, running, music and sound, hiking, modern and contemporary art, usually not all at once.

Email: scott_r_brown (at) comcast (dot) net